Sponsored Registration to 2016 ACCE Conference for InTEACT Members

InTEACT is offering free conference registrations (each to the value of $695) to two members of our association who would like to explore IF: Imagined Futures – the conference theme. The conference is a good opportunity to build a network of educators from across the country who can support you in the delivery of the Digital Technologies curriculum, and to also find out how ICT is being used across the curriculum to improve student outcomes.

You can check out the full program at http://www.aomevents.com/ACCE2016

To join your professional colleagues at the national conference for ICT educators – being held from 29/9 – 2/10/16 at the Brisbane Convention Centre, submit a half page expression of interest indicating how you would apply the skills, knowledge and ideas gained by attending ACCE 2016 to:

  • Further develop the ICT capacity of yourself and other staff; and
  • Deliver enhanced ICT learning outcomes for students.

The successful applicants will be asked to share their learning with other InTEACT members via a professional learning activity in Term 4 later this year, and to post a guest article on the InTEACT website summarising their experience and learnings.

Email your EOI to committee@inteact.act.edu.au by Monday 5th September to be considered for this opportunity.

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