Resource Library

Did you know InTEACT members can borrow resources, free of charge, from our resource library for the purposes of:

  • Developing your on fluency with digital technologies;
  • Implementing digital technologies in project-based learning experience in the classroom; and
  • Trialling digital technologies resources to underpin school budgeting decisions about curriculum materials.

Resources are generally available as a full or half class set sufficient for small group rotational activities.

A five-week borrowing period is the default for an equipment loan, but other periods (both shorter and longer) are negotiable.

Resource kits include photo identification of the individual components with the number of each element identified. This is to assist the borrower to ensure the resources are returned in a complete state.

A condition of borrowing is that the school site is responsible for costs if the returned resources are incomplete or damaged. If individual components are not available form the supplier then the cost liability is for full kit replacement.

Borrowers are to:

  • Share a brief report or presentation about their experience with the resources eg. how they were used, with whom, success and challenges, unexpected outcomes and next steps through one of the following channels:
    • InTEACT’s website;
    • Social media channels including @InTEACT;
    • Hosting or presenting at a Teach Meet; or
    • Written / visual reflection accompanying return of the resources.
  • This is in the spirit of members assisting each other to develop, refine and enhance learning activities that embed digital technologies and underpin continuous improvement in classroom practice.
  • Borrowers should also provide a lesson overview/plan for the activities run that could be used by other members in the future as the basis of their own activities, which will be particularly useful for teachers trying to identify how the resources could be applicable in their context/environment.

Resources available for loan include:

  • Beebots
  • Probots
  • Spheros
  • SPRK+ Spheros
  • Edison Robots
  • Little Bits Kit including Arduino Bits and Cloud Bits
  • Digital Sandboxes
  • Picoboards
  • Sparkfun Inventor’s Kits
  • Lilypad Design Kits
  • Makey Makey Deluxe Kits
  • Raspberry Pi Starter Kits
  • Paper Circuit Kits
  • Brainbox Electronics Model 518 EXTRA (CSIRO)

Lesson plans to support the use of these technologies can be found on our Teaching and Learning Resources page, grouped by Digital Technologies curriculum band.

You are encouraged to provide a lesson overview / scope and sequence based on your use of the borrowed resources that can be added to our resources page. This keeps the lesson activity plans for members current and dynamic.

The resources are currently stored with Toni Falusi in Nicholls.  Contact Toni Falusi: for further details.

To register your interest for a loan of equipment form the library, complete the loan form below.