Senior Secondary Github repository

In 2019, InTEACT was successful applying for a Google Educator PD Grant. The grant provided funding to support the release of teachers and facilitation of workshops to prepare for the new senior secondary IT courses:

  • Data Science
  • Digital Technologies
  • Networking and Cyber Security
  • Robotics and Mechatronics

The resources developed and curated by teachers have been published on Github, and educators are encouraged to contribute to the repository as they develop new resources to support the teaching and learning in these new courses.

The Github repository can be found at and is under ongoing development. If you want to contribute, follow the instructions in the repository README file, or send your contributions directly to for inclusion.

The quality of this repository is only as good as the contributions of teachers and CS professionals. Members and non-members of InTEACT can get involved as we seek to expand the project to encompass all 4 units of study in each course.