InTEACT Membership is renewed annually in April each year. There are three types of membership available:

  • Institutional membership of InTEACT is available to all schools delivering primary and/or secondary education to students;
  • Full membership is open to all sectors of the ACT education community including early childhood teachers, primary teachers, high school teachers, college teachers, university educators and researchers, IT industry representatives and others with an interest in IT and education;
  • Student membership is available to students enrolled at an approved tertiary institution.

Benefits of each type of membership are shown in the table below:

BenefitInstitutional MembershipIndividual MembershipStudent Membership
ConditionsPrimary or Secondary educational institutionEducator in the Primary, Secondary or Tertiary sector, or ICT industry memberStudent at University in Education degree, IT degree or related field
CoverageAll teachers at the schoolIndividualIndividual
Voting rightsOne vote per motion per school at meetingsOne vote per motion at meetingsNo voting rights at meetings
Annual conference ticketIncludes one fully paid ticket to annual ACS/InTEACT ConferenceNot includedNot included
Regular updates via emailYesYesYes
Eligible for InTEACT AwardsYes - all teachers at the schoolYesNo
InTEACT Google Suite for Education AccountNominated school representative onlyYesYes
WIC associate membershipOptional - $50 (available to all female teachers at school directly via the WIC website)Optional - $50 for females directly via the WIC websiteOptional - Free for female students directly via the WIC website
Discounts at InTEACT supported events and conferencesYes - all teachers at the schoolYesYes
Eligible for InTEACT funded grants and initiativesYes - all teachers at the schoolYesTargeted for students only
Access to free loans from the InTEACT Resource LibraryYes - all teachers at the schoolYesYes

InTEACT also encourages female educators who would like to connect with women working in IT to consider membership of WIC. WIC membership is available for $50 and brings with it significant networking opportunities and makes you a part of a vibrant, supportive community of female professionals in the IT industry.

Updates to information should be done via email to informing us of the changes. Completing the form below will generate an invoice for payment.

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