ASD’s Cyber Security and Robotics Work Experience

The ASD work experience program is for Year 11–12 (and high-achieving Year 10) students at the Australian Cyber Security Centre. The program focuses on students who are considering further studies in a STEM-related field.

The week-long program offers you an opportunity to extend your knowledge and skills through practical challenges. Scenarios could include:

  • identifying security intrusions on a computer system
  • learning how to identify email compromises
  • learning to monitor network traffic to detect exploits
  • learning how to conduct forensic examinations of hard drives
  • learning about web application vulnerabilities
  • learning modern encryption methods
  • learning about different types of encryption and how they protect data
  • using open-source software to recover keys and encrypt and decrypt data
  • learning about geospatial analysis and how to use geospatial tools for imagery analysis
  • engineering hardware and software solutions for security problems
  • robotics programming using Arduinos
  • construction of Arduino electrical circuits.

Students who enjoy discovering how technology works are considered favourably over those who use technology.

All placements are in Canberra. Students from interstate are encouraged to apply. Interstate students are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.

Upcoming work experience program dates:

17–21 April 2023

3–7 July 2023

10–14 July 2023

18–22 September 2023

25–29 September 2023

To apply, please visit:


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