Seminar: Where Will the Jobs Be? – 21st July 2016

The National Council of Women of the ACT would like to invite you to the Seminar

Where will the jobs Be?
What Jobs will the Girls of Today be doing in the Future

The seminar will be held on 21st July at the Southern Cross Club.

The Seminar will be exploring why it is important that policies and education prepare today’s girls for the sorts of jobs they can expect to do in the future. We hope that participants will come away from the seminar with a better understanding of the issues and what can be done now to prepare for the changing employment landscape.

Speakers will look at where the jobs are now, where they are likely to be in the future, what the barriers are for women, and what needs to be done to assist today’s girls to be ready for the changing job market.

Speakers include:-

  • Dr Bill Maiden – Chair of the Teacher Quality Institute
  • Sonia Irwin – Redgrass Communications.
  • Lauren Booth – Director of the ANU Women in STEM Mentoring Network

The seminar will also feature a panel of women who are making their mark in various fields, as entrepreneurs as well as in traditionally male dominated professions and trades. We also will address the need for girls with specialised skills in the growing area of aged care and in the teaching of disadvantaged students.

You have a significant role to play in helping to make a better future for our young women. We hope you will attend and we look forward to your input. For further information or to register, see the attached flyer below.

NCW Seminar Flyer and Application Form

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