Robotics Teaching Session 23 July

A message from KidTechnic who are running a Robotics workshop in preparation for Robocup.

See the  teachingcourse flyer  here.

KidTechnic is hosting a Robotics teaching session on the first Saturday of Term 3 (23/07/2016). The purpose of this workshop is to both expose Mindstorms EV3 to teachers in the STEM field, but to also further their knowledge. Robots and equipment will be supplied, all you need to bring is lunch for the day. There are limited robots, and therefore only limited places for this first workshop – so don’t miss out! However, if you have access to your own robot that you would prefer to work on, this can be arranged.
I encourage schools, even if they currently have no equipment to attend as instructors can provide them with teaching mechanisms and all the information about how to start such programs in your school if they are interested at the end of the session. The program will be starting from the ground working up including basic motor movements and sensors , summing up with a teacher summary for the Robocup competition in August.
It would be appreciated if this email can be forwarded onto all your teachers, to see if any are interested in exploring and learning about this technology. Please note, Robotics isn’t just for IT, it is fantastic as a teaching tool in all STEM fields (including math!)
If you are interested in attending or have any questions, contact me via email:
Look forward to hearing from you,
Briana Wade

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