Speaker Spotlight: Andrea Jones, National Manager, Business Information & Data Services, DHS

Topic: How Department of Human Services is using Artificial intelligence and machine learning to change the citizen and staff experience.

Andrea Jones
National Manager DHS

The world is buzzing with improved technology around Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and 3D analytics so are these technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning going to be the “gamer changer” for the way citizens will interact with Government agencies of the future. What new capabilities will come with using these technologies for both citizens and staff and on the flip side what complexities will come from using these technologies.

In the ICT group within the Department of Human Services we do see that artificial intelligence and machine learning will be a game changer. This presentation will highlight the use cases where the Department is using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the technologies we are implementing and some of the challenges this will bring to the department.

Andrea has been in the APS for 22 years working in areas such as Service Delivery in particular Call Centres, HR and People Management, and the last 5 years in ICT. While in ICT she has worked on several projects such as the implementation of a fully Managed Telephony Service, Lead and Managed Enterprise Services, Enterprise Testing and currently Business Information and Data Services.

The main focus for these roles has been business transformation and changing some very old cultures in how staff conduct their business and perceive the APS to being innovative and up to date with new methodologies such as Dev/Ops, test centres of excellence.  Utilising big data platforms to gain richer insights to enable effective decision making to change the citizen experience and less about static reports and presentations 
Andrea is passionate about working in the APS and making a difference for our citizens in their interactions with, and perception of government.

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