Speaker Spotlight: Jude Burger, President Tesla Owners Club Australia

Topic: How will Tesla reshape our working world?

Jude Burger
Deputy Prog Manager Thales

Jude Burger founded the Tesla Owners Club of Australia in March, 2016, after Tesla launched their official Owners Club program. Now enjoying her second Tesla, Jude is keen to see how electric vehicles will change the shape of the transportation industry, and how commuters will plan their time differently when they can be transported by fully autonomous vehicles. In addition to EVs, Tesla is also known for solar charging, tunnel boring and rocket development. The world will look very different when Elon Musk’s vision for sustainability is fully realised.

Jude’s career has been focused on creating sustainable corporate and personal transformation, and her employment – plus her work in the non profit sector – is very much about effective leadership to support society’s ever-increasing rate of change. Through being an early adopter and working within the technology sector, Jude has noted the attributes of successful modern companies and recognises in Tesla a profound and fundamental game-changing company.

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