ACT Academy of Coding and Cyber Skills

Before the last election, ACT Labor announced a proposed new “ACT Academy of Coding and Cyber Skills”.

This is a new facility to boost the capability of high school and college computing students, and to encourage more students to participate in IT education.

I believe it could also act as a centre for Professional Learning, enabling teachers from across the territory to develop the required skills for delivering the Digital Technologies curriculum.

NOTE: This post has not been written by a member of the ACT Labor Party. It has been shared with members due to the outcome of the election and the interest it will no doubt generate in the InTEACT community.

Press Announcement Follows:

ACT Academy of Coding and Cyber Skills

“The new academy will offer high level training over and above the standard curriculum to top high school and college computing students from across the ACT,” Andrew [Barr] said.

“The high level skills learned through the academy will give Canberra students an advantage in the job market and give our employers access to the expertise they need. Many of the jobs of the future will require a level of literacy in coding. Further, there is currently a shortage of trained professionals at all levels with the necessary skills to protect our digital world from cyber attack..

“That’s why ACT Labor will invest $5.7 million to build this new facility at University of Canberra Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra.

“The new ACT Academy of Coding and Cyber Skills will provide students from across Canberra with access to a high quality extension curriculum, providing them with a leg up into the jobs of the future and it will benefit from a dose relationship with the University of Canberra.

“Funding will be provided to fit out classrooms at the school, develop an on line extension curriculum and web portal, and recruit a new executive level teacher and three teaching staff to run the centre and support the development of the extension curriculum. We will invest in the latest computer equipment and software to give the students leading edge skills.

“Funding grants will also be made available to schools and organisations to support them in purchasing programs and promoting coding skills.

“ACT labor will also provide the Academy with $200,000 to support outreach and programs specifically designed to encourage girls to take an interest in STEM subjects and support them in undertaking careers in the field.

“The new ACT Academy of Coding and Cyber Skills would also be able to provide learning opportunities for teachers. The Academy would become a site for professional development of STEM teachers – something we’ll need more of in the future.”

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