Global Education Skype-a-thon November 29th and 30th 2016

Join us for Skype-a-thon 2016

At Microsoft, we believe a powerful way to learn is from each other and if we can connect classrooms, we can change the world. That’s why we’re  empowering  students and educators around the globe to do just that. On November 29th and 30th, Microsoft is hosting is a Global Education Skype-a-Thon. Over the 48 hours, participants will contribute to help reach a goal three million virtual miles travelled.

How to get involved.
Step 1: Go to for the latest information on the event, and get ready to participate by joining the Microsoft Educator Community. From there, you can set up your profile with your call availability and let other classrooms know you’re participating.

Step 2: Find a classroom or expert to connect with. You might already know someone to call, otherwise consider leveraging the Microsoft Educator Community to help connect with educators and experts via:

  • Play Mystery Skype The global guessing game between two classrooms that gets kids learning about geography, culture, and the similarities and differences of how children live all over the world.
  • Talk with a guest speaker – Connect your class up with volunteer guest speakers from around the world on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Take a virtual field trip – Take your students on an adventure without leaving the classroom. We’ve got lots to choose from including museums and zoo’s.

Make sure to schedule your call on either November 29th or 30th so you can be part of our Global Education Skype-a-Thon.

Step 3: Have your Skype call on November 29th and 30th. After your call, share your experiences, miles travelled and what your students learned. Use #skypeathon on social media.

  • Share the number of miles you travelled between locations.
  • Share what your students learned from each other or their guest speaker.
  • Get creative and share photos of your experience.

Follow us at throughout the event and via #skypeathon to see all the action throughout the 48hours.

Need Help?
Take a look at the Sway which shares the excitement from last year and ideas. Contact the Skype-a-thon team for more information at

In today’s world, we benefit from technology connecting students to limitless amounts of content and knowledge. We are creating citizens of the world from early years and a channel to share ideas, innovation and expertise across borders. Let’s make this Skype-a-thon an amazing example of the power of global learning.



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