ACCE 2021 Virtual Symposium: 15 – 19 March 2021

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This year, DLTV in association with ACCE is presenting their 2021 Virtual Symposium during the week of 15-19 March. Here’s a message from the conference chair, Dr Jo. Blanin:

We are excited to invite you to attend our special symposium event from Monday 15th to Friday 19th of MarchACCE 2021. Each afternoon from 4 pm to 6 pm, our unique online event will offer you the chance to attend online keynotes and presentations at times that fit into your teaching schedule.

We’ve designed this event with you in mind. Over the five days, you will have access to a range of experienced speakers, who will inspire you to teach with and through digital technologies. For one small fee, you can attend as many sessions as you like, or access the recordings after the event if the times don’t suit you. 

Some of the thought provoking topics and great classroom ideas from our keynote speakers include;

Pauline Maas: “Microbit, how to use in your classroom”

Dr Kate Ringland: “Autism & Minecraft”

Tim Kitchen: “Adobe Creative Educator Program”

Our themes this year include:

  • Innovative Technology Use in Early Years, Primary and Secondary Classrooms
  • Tinkering, Making and STEM/STEAM Learning
  • Inclusive Classrooms for All Learners
  • Digital Pedagogies: Strategies for Successful Technology Learning

We are pleased to partner with ACCE in hosting this national event this year and hope you can join us online. 

For just $50, you can virtually attend as many of the sessions as you like throughout the week. And, as a special arrangement for 2021, any school that joins InTEACT as an institutional member will receive a full reimbursement for the cost of one individual ticket to the event!

You can register for the event right now. Once your school completes payment of their institutional membership, simply send us evidence of your paid registration and we’ll get in touch with your school to arrange reimbursement of the costs incurred for your ticket.

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