InTEACT Award Nominations for 2021 – due 28 March


Calling all teacher practitioners / education leaders …

Who do you know, worthy of recognition for …

  • Influential impact in promoting technology in education;
  • Engaging students in technology pathways;
  • Developing capacity of self and other professional colleagues in innovative use of technology; 
  • Building community / industry partnerships to foster effective implementation of technology;
  • Being a technology change agent;
  • Sharing technology expertise via professional forums / associations, design of learning resources, contributing to a community of practice in person and in online presences.
  • Creating a legacy of technology enhancement in roles undertaken;

Through InTEACT, your local professional association for educators of Information Technology and specialist Computer Studies, nominations are open for …

Educator of the Year for 2021

Leader of the Year for 2021

These awards recognise the work of ACT teachers in the effective use of information and communication technologies in education.  

The award may recognise candidates who are leaders in the field of digital technology education and achieved excellence in teaching Digital Technologies education in schools. These activities may include the following:

  1.  InTEACT Educator of the Year 

This award is intended to recognise the importance of the work of ACT teachers who are contributing to the use of Information Technologies (IT) and / or Digital Technologies across the curriculum in their schools. Administrators in schools, district and regional offices and people attached to school systems, also contribute to learning, schools and the professional community, however this award focuses on recognizing the efforts of classroom based educators. 

  1.  InTEACT Leader of the Year

This award acknowledges the work of educational leaders and innovators who have made a significant contribution to the use of IT and / or Digital Technologies in education. Typically they will be a leader / mentor / advisor to a school or broader educational community group. It recognises significant advocacy, support and promotion of the use of IT and / or Digital Technologies in education. Candidates will have a distinguished career and proven inspirational achievement in leading IT and / or Digital Technologies in the education community. 

Everyone knows an influential practitioner and/or leader … who will you nominate? … is it you?

Please complete the nomination form and forward to the InTEACT Secretary.

Nominations are due by 28 March 2021 to .

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