Diversity in Tech Scholarships

GenTech Bootcamp and Diversity in Tech scholarships are currently still open.

GenTech – Diversity in Tech Scholarship

  • Coder Academy is doing their bit to combat the lack of diversity in the tech industry by offering Diversity In Tech scholarships for their GenTech Coding Bootcamp. Coder Academy’s scholarship is specifically designed to empower minority groups by enabling them to have their voices and ideas heard, as well as their skills valued inside the industry. The Diversity in Tech Scholarship takes 50% off your full tuition fees for the GenTech Bootcamp so that you can hone Your Tech Connection, while building your confidence, growing your networks and transforming this unique educational opportunity into real-world success. Intake starts in just TWO weeks. Apply Now 👉 http://bit.ly/join_gentech

  • Are you part of a diverse group whose voice deserves to be heard in tech? ⏰ is ticking to get your application in for Coder Academy’s #DiversityInTech scholarship to have the chance to receive 50% off your GenTech course fees. Apply Now: http://bit.ly/diversify_gentech

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