WIC Annual Student Encouragement Award

WIC is a Canberra based not-for-profit organisation bringing people together to champion women in Information and Communication. Our vision is to be the premier organisation for women in Information and Communication in Canberra. As part of this vision, WIC has set up the WIC Student Encouragement Award.

Each year, WIC makes an award to successful young women to help them engage with their tertiary studies in Information, Communications and Technology. This takes the form of a $1500 scholarship, and a ticket to the WIC dinner and debate where they will receive the award. This event will be held 6.30pm Wednesday 8th November at Hotel Realm.

This Award is available to young women who:

* are finishing year 12;

* have been undertaking studies in Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) or ICT related subjects; and

* are intending to continue studying ICT or related disciplines at a University or other tertiary organisation (eg Canberra Institute of Technology).

The criteria to be followed in a nomination for this award are:

* full name, age and school of student;

* nomination and support by the student’s school or place of current study;

* the student will have done well in ICT-related subjects over the last 2 years of study;

* the student has demonstrated good citizenship within or outside of the education environment; and,

* the student intends to undertake further study in ICT-related disciplines.

If you meet the criteria, or you know someone who does, send your nomination to info@wic.org.au

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