Speaker Spotlight: Dr Maria Milosavljevic, Chief Info Security Officer, NSW Government

Topic: Establishing whole-of-government information and cyber security capability in NSW 

Maria Milosvljevic

Governments must uphold a high-level of trust and transparency, underpinning this is the need for robust digital strategies that protect the personal information of our citizens and the sensitive information that protects our state and our country. 

Cyber security differs vastly from security in the physical realm, but there are significant learnings from physical security that can help us create systems at processes that can continue to protect our information in a rapidly changing digital environment. This includes the need for an holistic approach that includes preparedness, prevention, detection, response and recovery. 

This keynote speech talks about NSW Government’s evolving and necessary work in the area of data protection and cyber security and discusses effective governance, shared responsibilities and leveraging advanced technologies.

Dr Milosavljevic is the NSW Government’s Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO). She works across NSW Government and consults with industry leaders and research groups, as well as Commonwealth, State and overseas Governments to ensure a collaborative approach to cyber security.

With cyber security being a global key issue, this is a keynote speech not to be missed. Every ICT professional, from teachers to coders, project managers to systems operators and policy professionals has a role to play in the future of cyber security in this country. Get involved in the discussion.

Dr Maria Milosavljevic is the newly appointed Chief Information Security Officer for NSW Government (GCISO) and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra. In her new role, Dr Milosavljevic will work across the NSW government and consult with industry leaders and research groups, as well as Commonwealth, state and overseas governments to ensure a collaborative approach to cyber security. She will develop standards with NSW government agencies to streamline their approach to cyber security

Prior to moving to NSW Government, Dr Milosavljevic was the CIO and CISO of AUSTRAC where she led the creation of leading-edge data analytics / AI technology and an Innovation Hub for the Fintel Alliance, a world-first public-private partnership between AUSTRAC and its public and private sector partners. As the CIO and CISO at the Australian Crime Commission she was the key driver in the establishment of the National Criminal Intelligence Fusion Capability which won several awards including an iAward and an Australian Computer Society (ACS) Digital Disrupter Award.

Dr Milosavljevic completed a PhD in Artificial Intelligence on a prestigious scholarship from the Microsoft Research Institute, graduated from ANU with an Executive Masters of Public Administration from the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG), and is a graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). As a data scientist, Dr Milosavljevic has developed several world-first and award-winning solutions to difficult problems in the private and public sector throughout her 25 year career. She has also published widely and has been a keynote speaker for a range of conferences globally. 

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