Speaker Spotlight: Su-en Williams

InTEACT is thrilled to have local Su-en Williams from the Canberra Girls Programming Network along as a presenter for the Education Stream at the joint InTEACT/ACS 2016 Conference on Tuesday 23rd August.

Topic: Bringing Head and Heart Together for the Canberra Girl’s Programming Network

There has never been a more exciting time to be a female learning about technology! The Canberra Girls’ Programming Network is a community for female students to learn about computer programming and technology through workshops and gives exposure to female role models across academia, government and industry.

Su-en will be talking about how she was inspired by the National Computer Science School to mirror a program that hinges on the great hearts and minds of people who share their time and knowledge to advance gender diversity for STEM in Australia.

While the GPN centres on promoting young females’ awareness and encouragement into the field of computing, this is a conversation for all genders. Teachers, parents and organisational thought leaders will benefit from knowing the role we can play to lift enthusiasm and give courage to our youth to explore where technology skills of today help prepare us for infinite possibilities of the future.

What can be more powerful than the personal message that a human conveys through his or her passion and love for what they do? This is what the GPN offers!

Su-en will talk about the present and future of the Canberra GPN. This will include how the activities align with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, and how the coding and CS unplugged activities intersect in a workshop. This includes a celebration of the diversity of our local heroes, who are the tutors and volunteers that make the GPN special.

About Su-en

Su-en Williams is a self-titled ambassador for women in STEM. She is the Coordinator of the Canberra Girls’ Programming Network and created it through the support of the Australian Signals Directorate, as the founding sponsor in Canberra. Su-en is collaborating with Edith Cowan University on research to increase female participation in computer and security science. She is a board member and the STEM representative for Women in IT and Communications (WIC) in Canberra. Her passion is to advance diversity in the computer and cyber security industry in Australia by celebrating the fun, challenging and life rewarding aspects they bring.

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