Speaker Spotlight: Dr Trish Williams

Dr Trish Williams

InTEACT is pleased to announce Dr Trish Williams as a keynote speaker at the InTEACT/ACS 2016 Conference. Trish will be keynoting during the main conference on Tuesday 23rd August.

Topic: DDR, IWAR, HIoT – what more do you need to know?

The increasing connectedness and ‘always on’ status of devices, means technology has wide and far reaching application. This presentation will explore how droids, drones and robots (DDR) are part of this environment and what real-world applications are being developed. This will take the diverse areas of information warfare (IWAR) and health, including the Health Internet of Things (HIoT), and show how our capability together with innovation is changing the world.

About Trish

Professor Williams is the CISCO Chair and Professor of Digital Health Systems at Flinders University in South Australia. Internationally recognised for her medical information security expertise, she applies 30 years’ experience in healthcare computing to practical outcomes in health security, mobile health, data quality, governance, and e-health software safety. As a passionate contributor, advocate and expert in e-health informatics standards, Professor Williams is the international co-chair HL7 Security and nominated expert on ISO health informatics standards, and has been Chair of HL7 Australia. Trish is co-editor of HISA’s Privacy Guideline and E-Safety Professional Practice Standard, and a Director on the Board of HISA, as well as the primary author of the RACGP Computer and Information Security Standards.

Professor Williams has a strong focus on the translation of research into practical application, demonstration of the contribution that digital health technologies can make to support healthcare, and the use of information security as an enabler for improved healthcare communication and interoperability.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/trish-williams-69b726b
Twitter: @TrishWilliamsAu

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