Hot Potatoes

Target Audience: Years 3-6
Resource Type: Lesson plans, work samples, and assessment items
Curriculum Areas Addressed: Digital Technologies, Mathematics, Science
Project Delivery Timeframe: 4-6 learning/teaching episodes
Developer(s): Hugh Miley

Project Description:
This resource pack includes background information, lesson plans and templates to support a short inquiry that will explore data in a practical application. In addition to the digital technologies curriculum area, the activity also addresses a range of English and Mathematics curriculum outcomes. Students will presented with the challenge of keeping an object hot. In this project a potato is the object. The will be exposed to the science around how heat energy is stored and transferred between different materials. The challenge requires the student to plan, design and test a container to store the potato and retain the maximum amount of heat. They will address the curriculum areas by recording the temperature data and using a spreadsheet to analyse and present visual data.

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