Busy Bots

Target Audience: Foundation – 2
Resource Type: Lesson plans, work samples, and assessment items
Curriculum Areas Addressed: Digital Technologies – (ACTDIP004), Mathematics (ACMNA015)
Project Delivery Timeframe: Variable
Developer(s): Hugh Miley

Project Description:
This resource pack will outline teaching methods that can be used with Bee Bots or any simple programmable device to complement and consolidate mathematical understandings. The activities included in this pack link to addition and subtraction strategies, as well as early place value understandings. The students will be given opportunities to develop short sequences of commands to solve simple spatial awareness problems. In addition to an introduction to basic programming concepts the students will be consolidating their mathematical understandings. The activities are framed to develop the student’s capacity to use counting on, jump strategies, number bonds, doubles and near doubles to solve basic addition and subtraction problems.

Downloadable Resources

Note that this resources will require that schools have a set of Bee-Bots. Members of InTEACT can borrow Bee-Bot sets for use in their teaching programs from our Resource Library.