2016 InTEACT CS4HS and ACS Conference

The ACS/InTEACT 2016 Conference is being held this year on Tuesday August 23rd and Wednesday August 24th. Like last year, the event will include a one-day conference with presentations on a range of topics including education and industry, followed by a second day of workshops looking specifically at education and the Digital Technologies curriculum. The theme this year is Drones, Droids and Robots, which is also the theme for Australian Science Week.

InTEACT applied for funding support through the Google CS4HS program once again and we have been successful. This means that the conference will be a CS4HS branded event, and we’ll be able to subsidise tickets and costs to our members to keep it as affordable as possible. Save the dates now, and we’ll have more details regarding registration and speakers very soon.

Google’s CS4HS Funding announcement:

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