Professional Learning in 2019

The InTEACT committee have compiled a calendar of Professional Learning events that will be going ahead in 2019, with more to be added as opportunities arise! All of the events are visible on the InTEACT Calendar (you can see everything in list view by selecting “Agenda”), which you can also subscribe to in your favourite calendar application. Here’s a summary of what we’ve got coming up!

Digital Technologies K-10 Workshops

With the Support of the Australian Computing Academy, we’ll be offering a series of workshops covering Digital Technologies and the new ACA Cyber Security Challenges for all primary and secondary teachers:

Digital Technologies F-6 Workshops

InTEACT and CSER are joining forces to offer support to teachers wanting to get started with Digital Technologies in primary schools, including an introduction to the CSER MOOC. The first of these events is on the 15th and 16th of August.

Workshops for Senior Secondary teachers

We’re offering two ways for senior secondary teachers to get prepared for the new IT courses coming in 2020. If you’ve got some expertise you’re happy to share in the course areas of Data Science, Digital Technologies, Networking and Cyber Security or Robotics and Mechatronics, we’re getting like-minds together to develop a set of open-source resources. The first of these events is being held later this month on the 30th May. Get in touch if you’ve got something to contribute or would like more information about these development workshops.

Starting on the 20th September, we’re going to be offering one-day deep dives for each of the courses where we’ll be giving teachers a chance to work through the resources being developed and work out how to fit them into a two-year teaching program. We’ll have more information about this opportunity out soon, so keep an ear to the ground and an eye on your email and the InTEACT website!

We also know there are going to be other events related to Cyber Security, developing ICT Capability, integration with other learning areas and 21st century skills. Once dates are set for these, we’ll let you know!

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