Spotlight ACCE 2018: Post Conference Masterclass: Computer Science Project

Facilitator: Australian Computing Academy
Location: School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney – Building J12, 1 Cleveland Street, Darlington NSW 2008

Computing projects are very rarely individual undertakings. It can be a challenge to design authentic collaborative projects for your classroom where students work as part of a team and are assessed as individuals.

This masterclass will give you the opportunity to be part of a project in a day. Utilise the skills you’ve learned throughout the conference and bring your expertise to bear in a project that could be run in your own classrooms. Whether you’re an experienced IT educator, or you’ve had little exposure to programming before, your skills will be stretched as you experience a project designed for a differentiated classroom built around the Digital Technologies curriculum.

This masterclass is led by the Australian Computing Academy, including authors of the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum. The Australian Computing Academy (ACA) is a Commonwealth funded project developing resources that will be freely available to students and teachers across Australia to learn about programming and related concepts in Digital Technologies.
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