Spotlight ACCE 2018: Raising Your Child in a Digital World

Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital parenting educators (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!). She’s the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World, a

Image Kirsty Goodwin
Kristy Goodwin

speaker and digital wellness researcher, who doesn’t suggest that we ban the iPhone. Kristy worked as a primary school and early childhood educator for fourteen years before becoming an academic. She has worked with clients including Apple, Nickelodeon Channel, the National Broadband Network, McDonalds, NSW Department of Education and Optus, she’s spoken at national and international conferences and at childcare centres, schools and at medical conferences throughout Australia.

Kristy is regularly called upon by the media to translate the latest research about kids and screens into practical and relevant information for worried parents and professionals. Dr Kristy takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age (without suggesting that parents or educators need to ban the iPad or unplug the TV). She provides parents and professionals with facts, not fears, about how screens are impacting on children’s health, learning, wellbeing and development and also on adult health and productivity. #acce2018 ACCE 2018 Conference