ICT Mentors for dig IT wanted

Do you have a background in ICT?

Can you help us encourage high school students into ICT?

Do you know someone who might be interested?  Please send this to them.


digIT is a six-month program for 60 Australian students in years 9 and 10 that combines two residential camps and a mentoring program. In 2017, these students will be from NSW/ACT.


We are seeking people with ICT backgrounds who are keen to make a difference by mentoring a student who has enrolled in the digIT program.  Your goal will be to develop a relationship with the mentee that stimulates curiosity, inspires enthusiasm and motivates an interest in ICT studies and careers.


You will need to attend two sessions at Macquarie University in Sydney; one on Thursday 19 January 2017 and another with date TBC in July 2017. You will need to contact your mentee at least once a month – this might be via phone, skype, email, workplace meeting, etc. The role is voluntary but we will cover your flights, meals and accommodation whilst attending the sessions at Macquarie Uni.


The attached document will give you full details of the mentoring program and you can find out about the student program at our website.


Express your interest online before as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa.


Vanessa Kates

Program Manager || digIT – critical thinking, creative solutions

E: digit@amt.edu.au || P: 02 6125 6266



digIT is an initiative of, and funded by, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and is delivered by the Australian Maths Trust. With support from Australian Science Innovations.

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