Unity: Now Free for Education

Unity Free for EDU

Free Unity Education licenses for all

Since March of 2015, the Unity Education team has granted nearly 77k licenses in support of primary and secondary institutions, to help teach digital literacy and valuable skills such as programming through the creation of games, putting Unity in the hands of over 300k students worldwide.

But we wanted to do more.

That’s why today we could not be more excited to announce that we are expanding the Unity License Grant Program to include academic institutions at ALL LEVELS, now including post-secondary institutions such as colleges and universities.

Any qualifying academic institution or educational program can apply to receive free Unity Education Edition licenses. These licenses are specifically designed for academic institutions, to be easily deployable and manageable in a multi-seat environment. They can be used for learning, teaching, training, and research and development activities that are part of the instructional functions performed by the institution and include publishing restrictions.*

Your free Unity Education licenses are waiting — all you have to do is ask! Educators are welcome to apply on behalf of their institution or program.

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*To learn more about Unity licenses for publishing, please contact us.

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