WIC Breakfast Series

InTEACT enthusiastically supports the WIC 2016/17 Breakfast Series.

“Blooming in a STEM Society”

The series will commence Friday 28 October with Dr Katerina Agostino as the guest speaker.

Dr Agostino holds a PhD in Sociology and in her current role leads the National Security Science and Technology (S&T) Centre which is charged with coordination of National Security S&T across whole of government.

Dates for the series ‘Blooming in a STEM society’ are:

  • Friday 28 October 2016
  • Friday 18 November 2016
  • Thursday 16th February 2017
  • Thursday 16th March 2017
  • Thursday 6th April 2017
  • Thursday 11 May 2017

The breakfast series will be held at The Boathouse, Grevillea Park, Menindee Drive, Barton.

WIC Breakfast Special Offers

With the launch of the series we are pleased to provide the following options for purchasing tickets:

Single Breakfast Prices:

Member Single Breakfast ticket: $55

Non-Member Single Breakfast ticket: $60

Breakfast Series Ticket Prices:

Take the opportunity to secure your attendance at all breakfasts in the series.

Member Breakfast Series Ticket:

For each member who purchases a series ticket we will provide you a guest pass to bring a friend/colleague along to one breakfast in the series at no cost.

$330 for the Breakfast Series (6 events) plus a Single Breakfast Guest Pass.

Non-Member Series Ticket:

Purchase the breakfast series and receive an individual WIC Membership (valued at $50) for free.

$380 for the Breakfast series (6 events) and an Individual Membership.

Corporate Member Deals

The following special offers are available to organisations (public and private) who would like to hold corporate membership to WIC. Corporate Membership to WIC entitles all your employees to attend WIC events at member pricing and an invitation to attend “Members Only” events. In addition, your corporate logo will be displayed on our rolling slides at WIC events, displaying your organisation as an active supporter of WIC.

New Corporate Member:

This offer provides WIC Corporate Membership (valued at $350) and enables three individuals to attend all 6 events in the series:

$1080 for 3 x tickets for the Breakfast Series and a Corporate Membership.

Current Corporate Member:

We would like to offer our current Corporate Members the opportunity to receive discount pricing for the purchase of table/s for WIC Breakfast events: either for single breakfasts or the breakfast series. Corporate members are welcome to utilise this offer to purchase multiple tables.

Single Breakfast: $440 per table of 8
‘Breakfast Series’ table: $2500 per table of 8

Individual Member and Non-Member tickets can be purchased on the WIC Site here

To purchase any Series tickets or take advantage of the Corporate Member deals please email info@wic.org.au

If you have a situation that isn’t covered by one of the offers above, please contact info@wic.org.au, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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