Speaker Spotlight: RoboCup Junior Australia

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The team from RoboCup Junior Australia will be presenting a workshop on Wednesday 24th August as part of the InTEACT/ACS 2016 Conference, and we at InTEACT can’t wait to learn more about robotics and this exciting competition.

Workshop: Robocup Junior – Multidisciplinary Learning through a Project-Based curriculum

RobocupJunior Australia is a project oriented STEM educational initiative that supports local, national and international robotic events for young students.

Our purpose is to foster Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics research by providing a problem where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined. These problems and challenges fall into the categories of;

  • Rescue – overcoming obstacles using sensors to locate and rescue a victim
  • Soccer – locating the ball, other players and navigating the best course to score
  • On Stage – combining STEM and the Arts to create performances designed and programmed to fit a theme

All of our challenges require the robots to be fully autonomous, requiring students to develop a depth of problem solving, design and computational thinking techniques.

RobocupJunior Australia has been operating since the year 2000 and our team has been mapping our challenges to the curriculum since then, including the Australian Curriculum Design and Digital Technologies strands.

The workshops we are presenting for teachers and students will demonstrate the types of multi-disciplinary learning opportunities students have from entering our competitions and give teachers practical examples of classroom activities and project based learning curriculum documents to use.

Students and teachers from Harrison School (Directorate of Education and Training), Saint Francis Xavier School (Catholic Education Office) and KidTechnic (Independent holiday program) will be on hand to guide teachers and students through the workshops, and teachers from those schools will be available to talk about the curriculum links and pedagogy.

Register for the 2016 InTEACT Conference now! Registrations close Tuesday 16th August 2016.

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