Teach Kids to Code Android Apps

Google have recently made the following announcement on their blog:

When empowered with the right CS skills, [we believe that] each person can use technology to accelerate change towards a better world that they envision. So in partnership with Udacity, [Google] have launched the Android Basics Nanodegree: a free online curriculum for building basic Android apps. No previous programming experience required. Anyone —of any skill level— can access the content, take it at their own pace, and learn how to create Android apps. All of the individual courses that make up this Nanodegree are available at no charge at udacity.com/google.

Included in the launch is the Android Basics Facilitator’s Guide, which is an instruction manual that enables students, parents, and teachers to conduct in-person study groups via a blended learning model. This guide can be used in a variety of formats, adjusted for style or preference. Facilitators can vary the number of days, the length, the specific topics taught and more.

For the complete article, see the post on the Google blog at http://googleforeducation.blogspot.com.au/2016/06/developing-mobile-apps-with-android.html

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