Part-Time employment opportunity with CSER MOOC Project

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The University of Adelaide CSER Group, through the expansion of their Digital Technologies MOOC, are seeking part-time (50%) Project Officers for each State and Territory in Australia, including the ACT.

These positions will run across each state and territory in Australia, a face-to-face professional learning program based on the CSER MOOC program (Foundation-10). Your role will be to engage with local learning communities, deliver professional learning support activities based on the CSER MOOC program, and assist in coordinating a National Lending Library program for Digital Technologies equipment. Duties will include making contacts and building networks within your local learning community, designing and delivering professional learning activities, monitoring and checking participation within the CSER MOOC program, monitoring and facilitating participation in the accompanying National Lending Library program, and assisting with data gathering for annual reporting requirements.

Salary: (HEO2) $90,770 – $102, 116 per annum effective 22 July 2016 (Full-time salary), pro-rata at $45,385 – $51,058 per annum at 0.5FTE.

Full details of the Project Officer positions can be found at

If you’re interested in this, you may also be interested in the Project Manager position, although this would require moving to Adelaide. Details for the Project Manager position are available at

It would be great to see an active, enthusiastic member of InTEACT put their hand up to be a part of this exciting project, and best of all you could continue teaching in a part-time capacity while working on it.

Please share this with colleagues who are doing great things in the Digital Technologies space, including those in other jurisdictions who might be interested in putting their hand up to be Project Officer in their area.

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  1. The recent webinar courtesy of CSIRO went reasonably well and the content was great. It was terrific that we could test our communications with Webex before the actual event. It was too bad that the presenter was not given the rights to share her presentation but plan B came into effect nicely.

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