Context-Free Art

Target Audience: Year 7-10 Students
Resource Type: A walkthrough of the basics of ContextFreeArt through some sample activities, which can be adapted for use in the classroom as appropriate.
Curriculum Areas Addressed: Digital Technologies, The Arts, Mathematics
General Capabilities: Numeracy, ICT, Critical and Creative Thinking
Project Delivery Timeframe: Variable
Developer(s): Bruce Fuda (adapted from an NCSS Master Class delivered by Kazjon Grace)

Project Description:
A series of activities that explores Context Free Grammars, and their use to produce artistic patterns and output. Context Free Grammars are a discrete set of rules that, in this case, are used to draw primitive shapes such as rectangles, triangles and circles. By combining these rules in interesting ways, not only can interesting graphics be produced, but students can also observe visually how algorithms can manipulate data in two-dimensional space.

Downloadable Resources – the zip file contains both PDF and Word versions of the resources.