Communication Through the Media

Target Audience: Year 3-4 Students
Resource Type: Assessment Task and associated resources
Curriculum Areas Addressed: Digital Technologies
General Capabilities: Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical Understanding
Project Delivery Timeframe: Variable
Developer(s): Matthew Heinrich

Project Description:
Students will select from the media forms we have studied and create the organised system that exists. It is recommended that classes combine to develop 3 main groups of each chosen media form. Students will be asked to choose one form of media and describe the organised system that is required for this media form to exist. They will be able to use writing, diagrams and pictures to record their knowledge. Students will be able to select a role they feel comfortable in and work to this role. Although everyone will work as a team to create an organised media system, differentiation will come as students select a role that they feel they can complete to contribute to the team. Students who feel happy writing may choose this while those who do not feel so comfortable may opt for a different role.

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